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Transfers to Olhos de Água

Looking for a comfortable and reliable private transport service? Book online with us and you will receive a warm welcome from one of our drivers in the arrivals area of ​​ Faro airport, who will transport you directly to your destination via the highway.

The private trip from Faro to Olhos de Água takes about 35 minutes. Our driver will drive you on the motorway for a distance of approximately 35 kilometers and he will be available to help with anything you may need. There, you can find can find some attractive places to visit, such as beaches, churches and historical heritages.

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About Olhos de Água


Olhos de Água is in the south of Portugal - Algarve. People from all around the world choose this destination to spend their holiday. It’s famous for the beautiful beaches and the nightlife downtown, where you can find a big variety of bars, karaoke clubs and discos.

Olhos de Água, translated to “Eyes of Water” in english, is a village 6 kilometers from Albufeira. The origin of the name is due to the natural phenomenon that occurred in Olhos de Água beach, where it’s possible to find water springs during the low tide. Nowadays, you can find some luxury villas with pools in area, not to mention that this is the best place to find a house with perfect sea view.

Since the 1980s, this old fishing town is famous for its touristic atmosphere. It’s possible to find people from all over the world and you can definitely find a special international feeling in the air. This town has a good reputation for its diversity, tolerance and safety.


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